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What Is Tura?

designed for the plant lover

Revolutionizing the way you care for your plants, Tura is a plant monitoring system designed for the plant lover. Using modern technology, Tura helps you remotely take care of your plants and teaches you about your plants needs. Tura is the ultimate plant monitoring system for those who truly care for their plants.

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Your Personal Gardener

Tura is the only gardener you will ever need. With Tura, you can finally travel without worrying about your plants. Remotely water, feed and monitor your plants from any where in the world. Access the Tura app from any device and begin remotely gardening today.

Tura Purpose Section

Multi Purpose Monitoring System

use indoor or outdoor

How Tura Works Section

How Tura Works

where science meets nature

Termperature Sensor

Never let your plants go cold.

Light Sensor

Ensure your plants recieve enough sunlight.

Moisture Sensor

Know when and how much to water your plants.

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App Info

The App

connecting to your plants

Connecting you to your plants at all times, the Tura app is the best solution for monitoring and caring for your plants. Tura is the most advanced solution for tracking light, humidity and temperature to ensure optimal plant growth and health.

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Monitor Your Plants From Anywhere

Our app is designed and built for any device! The app allows you to monitor your plants when you’re not home. It also gives you access to information about your plants so that you know what they need and when. Download the app now and use it with tura for optimal performance.

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